Who are we?

An enthusiastic team who dared to think big and who always do things their own way, going against the trends to create something truly unique… This led to the establishment of the brand, which created a stir on the dietary supplement market with its unique design and unbeatable price-value ratio.

Who are our customers?

Cybertech Nutrition is a complex range of nutritional and dietary supplements which was created in order to provide support for your body-shaping and health preservation objectives regardless of sex and age – for even the most extreme of goals.

What's the secret?

There is no secret! Only buyer-oriented pricing. We don’t include a franchise fee or any excess marketing costs in our prices and in exchange we continuously offer the basic supplements in the best quality and price-value ratio for amateur and professional athletes alike. It’s what we believe in! And it’s why Cybertech Nutrition was created.





Quality without compromise!

For over 20 years, the manufacturer of our Cybertech Nutrition products has played a definitive role in the production of the top dietary supplement brands of Europe and America. Dietary supplement manufacturing is currently just as strictly regulated as the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our factory is in possession of key quality management certificates, including GMP and ISO. The products are regularly inspected and tested by our internal quality inspection control as well as a commissioned external laboratory. Consumers are only supplied with top quality goods as the athletes purchasing our products give their 100% and we can’t do any less either.